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Come experience our world

Ikoyi Club 1938 is a private member family Club and it occupies an enviable area of approximately 456 acres of land and provides first class facilities for about 10, 000 members. On September 29, 1938, Ikoyi Club 1938 officially came into being through the merger of the European Club and Lagos Golf Club.

Swimming section

You are welcome to one of the 2 pioneer Sections of the Club at the Club merger in 1938

Bringing out the best in each other

Swimming is a very good sport and is always recommended by medical experts for therapy. It is a game you can do all by yourself and at your own pace.


You are welcome to one of the 2 pioneer Sections of the Club at the Club merger in 1938. The only truly family section where every family member of most Club members belong and the largest in number and second in income

Swimming is a very good sport and is always recommended by medical experts for therapy.  It is a game you can do all by yourself and at your own pace.  It is a sport for youngest and the aged.

The Swimming pool complex has two standard pools, a children pool, a fountain pool, gallery bar, cold room bar with gallery, a kitchen, Sun Lounger beds/chairs and tables around the pools, two cloakrooms for ladies and gents and turn star gate at the entrance.

Welcome to the clean, clear, enticing and soothing water called SWIMMING SECTION, IKOYI CLUB 1938.



The Swimming Section of Ikoyi Club 1938 is located directly opposite the Rotunda Ground Terrace.  It surrounded by the Squash, Tennis and Table Tennis Section.



The Section as a pioneer has maintained its leadership role in the Club by providing excellent Swimming facilities and relaxed ambient environs for the conviviality of its members.  These facilities include:

  1. Two (2) 331/3 meters Swimming Pools, one of which is used for competition when required and the other strictly for leisure.  The Pools are well maintained and the standard is comparable to any pool in the world.
  2. We also have a baby pool and a fountain pool for kids to catch up with the fun
  3. Adjustable beds, showers at the pool sides.
  4. There are two galleries around the pools from where spectators could watch events and at the same time enjoy their meal and drink.
  5. Male and Female Changing Rooms directly located under the Gallery close to the Swimming Pool entrance.
  6. We have a Bar and a Kitchen where chilled drinks are served and delicious food are prepared.
  7. The Section is endowed with Graduate Coaches and Assistant Coaches of National and International reputes that are readily available 24/7 to take the learner Swimmers through.
  8. The Section runs training programmes for the children from 2 – 6.15pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and graduate them from the pre – squad to advanced squad that represent the Section at Local, National and International Swimming Competitions.
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  10. There is a Committee Room where Sectional Committee Members meet monthly to discuss the affairs of the section.
  11. There is also an Administrative Office which is manned by the Administrative Manager Mr. Sunny Nwajei.
  12. Trained Life Savers are also available at all times.



1.         MR. R.E. WYLE                                            1966

2.         MR. W.A. MUNSLOW                                1967

3.         MR. T.T. TAYLOR                                         1968

4.         MR. J.J. NAIRN                                           1969 – 70

5.         MR. A.G. EL-GOOD                                    1971

6.         MR. J. ACTON                                             1972

7.         MR. G.M. CICHON                                     1973
8.         MR. K. FIELDS                                            1974

9.         CHIEF OLAYINKA RHODES                   1975 – 77

10.       MR. KEN BRETT                                        1978

11.       MR. G.A.J. WILSON                                  1979 – 81

12.       DR. C.P. EZEIFE                                        1982 – 83

13.       MR. FOLORUNSO IDOWU                    1984 – 86

14.       MR. W.A. BALOGUN                                1987

15.       MR. S. OGUNDIPE- ALATISE                1988 – 89

16.       MR. A.M. WILLIAMS                                 1990 – 91

17.       MR. LANRE T. LADIPO                             1992 – 93

18.       MR. BAYO ADENIJI-FASHOLA               1994 – 95

19.       MR. TUNDE FATAYI-WILLIAMS              1996 – 97

20.       MR. ANTHONY OWUYE                            1998 – 99

21.       MR. ADE FOLARIN                                      2000 – 01

22.       MR. G.A. SORINMADE                               2002 – 03

23.       MS. O.O.A. OGUNYEMI                             2004 – 05

24.       PRINCE ‘DUPE FADINA                            2006 – 07

25.    MR. TOKUNBO OLOLADE                          2008 – 2009

26.    PROF. MIDE AJOSE                                      2009 – 2010

27.    MR. FREEBORN ERHENEDE                     2011 – 2012

28.    MR. REMI OGUAMANAM                            2013 – 2014

The elected and co-opted members of the Committee are as follows:

  1. Yomi Ogundipe – Chairman
  2. Oloye Obatoyinbo – Vice Chairman
  3. Philip Jatto – Secretary
  4. Babatunde Adama – Treasurer
  5. Akinbulejo Onabolu – Entertainment Secretary
  6. Ikedichi Kanu – Ex-Officio
  7. Egbuna Obata – Ex-Officio
  8. Tosin Odunsanya – Ex-Officio
  9. Kunle Adeniji – Ex-Officio
  10. Trish Okereke – Ex-Officio
  11. Adebajo Adewemimo – Ex-Officio


We have various competitions / Galas round the year.

Some of which are:

  1. Children Xmas Gala
  2. Beginners and pre-squad swimming Galas from ages 2 – 10
  3. Easter Swimming Gala
  4. Since year 2000, the Section had been taken part in the annual International Swimming Competition in Neheim-Husten, Arnsberg Germany, where we have severally top the medals table as the only Club representing Nigeria and Africa, competing with other 35Clubs in Europe.  We placed 2nd overall in year 2008.  This competition is for our children between the ages of 9 – 14years, sponsored by notable corporate organizations that take interests in the nurturing of the youth to better citizen and future leaders in their bids to fulfill corporate social responsibilities to their immediate environment.
  5. Adult Swimming Gala
  6. Independent Gala
  7. Club Anniversary Gala
  8. Annual Swimming Competition between Ikoyi Club 1938 and Tessano Club of Accra, Ghana.



  1. The section organized end of the year get together party for its members.
  1. It has become the practice of the section to recognize the important events and dates in our annual National Calendar; therefore, the Section had the Good Friday frejon to celebrate the Easter.
  1. Celebrations of Thank God it’s Friday to keep our members / Spouses homely.

Meet our executives

  • Mr Abayomi Ogundipe Chairman
  • Oloye Obatoyinbo Vice Chairman
  • Mr Adama Babatunde Treasurer
  • Mr Philip Jatto Simming Secretary
  • Mr Akinbulejo Onabolu Entertainment Chairman
  • Mr Kunle Adeniji Ex-Officio
  • Mr Tosin Odusanya Ex Officio
  • Mrs Trish Okereke

Upcoming Swimming tournamentsView tournaments archive →

We constantly engage ourselves in a few engaging and entertaining events and also healthy but highly competitive tournament all year round. With every tournament comes a winner. We are proud to showcase a list of tournament winners over the years.