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Ikoyi Club 1938 is a private member family Club and it occupies an enviable area of approximately 456 acres of land and provides first class facilities for about 10, 000 members. On September 29, 1938, Ikoyi Club 1938 officially came into being through the merger of the European Club and Lagos Golf Club.

The Club



Ikoyi Club has 5 categories of membership-ordinary, spouse, junior, life and Honorary members.

Ordinary Member-Any individual at least 25 years old and who meets the Club membership criteria is qualified to be an ordinary member of the Club. Once inducted as a member, an ordinary member can have a say in the management of the Club.

Spouse Member– any spouse of an ordinary member over 21 years old can be a spouse member. Spouse membership is automatic at the time of induction. A spouse member has no say in the management of the Club.

Junior Member– Children of members between the age of 12-25 years are called Junior Members and are entitled to a junior member card however between the age of 25-30 years such a Member qualifies to be a ordinary member and enjoys 50 percent rebate on the fees provided such a Junior member meets the Club criteria.

Life Member– Any ordinary member who attains the age of 65 years and has maintained unbroken membership of the Club for 25 years is entitled to an upgrade in membership to Life Member with his spouse. This upgrade entitles the life member to use of the club facilities without payment of subscription and section fees.

Honorary Member– This membership is conferred on individuals who have excelled in the various endeavours and have contributed to the growth of the Club and the society.

The objective for membership criteria is to return the club to its status as an elite club. All members should therefore be at the top of their profession.

Guidelines for joining the club

Step 1

An intending member must first obtain and complete the WHITE FORM through a financial ordinary member whose membership must not: be less than two (2) years or a life member as condition precedent before being considered as a person who can join Ikoyi Club 1938. Payment for the form shall be made at the Accounts Office thereafter the Form can be collected at Membership Services upon presentation of the receipt.

Step 2

The duly completed white form should be submitted to the Membership Services Manager who shall allocate a date for interview.

Step 3

Intending candidates shall thereafter be invited with their Proposer for an interview with the Membership Sub-Committee. At the interview, the Sub-Committee shall be at liberty to call for relevant documents such as marriage certificates, evidence of professional and educational qualification, audited accounts/ reports etc. after which shortlisted Candidates shall be issued with a green card upon payment.

Step 4

The candidate shall complete the green card and be sponsored and seconded by two ordinary members who are:

1. Paid up Members of the Club of not less than two (2) years standing

2. Have known the candidate personally for five (5) years or more.

Two (2) members of the General Committee shall support the candidate.

Step 5

The green card will be presented to Membership Services for preparation of bill for payment.

Step 6

Payment (which shall not be by cash) is made to the Club and the candidate is given a temporary membership card, which is to be surrendered on the day of induction.

The validity of the green card is three (3) months from the date of issue.


Membership Form